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The general policy is: Stay polite and don’t write anything that you wouldn’t write to somebody living accross the street (that is: Knows where you live, you have to see each other every other day). Rational argument is not to be replaced by invective.

I do not expect much comments in this blog. Regardless, consider I’m doing that in my free time. I do not want to be sued in court because somebody thought it necessary to insult somebody else, because somebody thought it necessary to parade his or her prejudices. All comments in this vein will be deleted, the perpetrators blocked (if technically feasible).

I also don’t like to have too much work with moderation or deletion of comments. Notably I don’t want to argue fine print. I’ll therefore delete all borderline cases to insults, hate speech, stupidity or simply narcissism without serious analysis. You strayed too near to border then, so it’ll be your problem that your comment goes to the happy hunting ground. Lesson: Don’t stray too near to the border.

Mind you: This is my blog, and you simply got no right to peddle your defects here: If you need, you should consider going to Facebook (but good luck with free speech there) or consider building a blog or website of your own.