Rebooting this Site

I’m rebooting this site now with tinkerer and some patches to the “flat” html theme of tinker. I’ve not been able to blog much in the past years, so the old content is not much and therefore I deem it not really worth migrating. Anybody (against expectations) still interested in the older stuff can find it in one of the branches in the github repository of this site.

Why do I even bother, if I blog so rarely? Well – for once it has been part of my new year’s resolutions to write more. I have profited much (in terms of personal development, in terms of understanding certain subjects better) by writing, even when only to myself (some people call that a diary). While not all of what I write will be published in this blog, I think a blog, writing for a (potentially) large, but largely unknown, readership is a good way to impose a certain kind of discipline in one’s writing.

And yes, I’m aware of the fact that most blogs have hardly any readership (as evidenced by zero comments under their posts). It’s not that I don’t care, but I don’t care so much: As I just said, the major advantage for me currently seems to be the different mindset imposed on the writer.

This time everything will be different. Tinkerer is based on Sphinx. I’ve already been in the process to develop my own blogging system based on Sphinx when I discovered Tinkerer. So, of course, Tinkerer it was. I don’t agree with all design decisions of Tinkerer. But it works now, which is much better than a blogging engine that needs to be developed first before I can start writing. And if I ever migrate away from Tinkerer, instead of just extending it, I expect that not to be so painful as for the last migrations. Mostly because I think that reStructuredText (and that is for me: Sphinx) is really the way to for the foundation of a blogging engine.

At least for me. I don’t want fancy WYSIWYG editors (I see what I get pretty good when I invoke my web browser, thank you), I don’t need online editing – rather I want the ability to write offline (meaning: in any text editor or something that is supported on my Smartphone) and to version control on my texts. I also want to be able to extend the format, I want to write math, I want to render to PDF and I want easy cross referencing.

All that are areas where reStructuredText excels. As an additional boon there is the recommonmark extension for Sphinx which makes it possible to write in markdown (but no math, mind you).

All in all going with something Sphinx base sounds like a solution where I won’t have to convert my texts every other year (knocking on wood).


Updated 2018-01-21: Spell checked + corrected.